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Jonathan Tang

Undergraduate, UChicago

Jonathan is an undergraduate biology major collaborating with Mahmoud Yousef.


Vaibhhav Sinha

Post-doc, collaborating with Otto Cordero (MIT)

Vaibhhav is a theoretical biologist from NCBS Bangalore moving into experiment. 

vai.sinh [at]


Rudy Mendez Reina

Graduate student. Biophysics UChicago.  Joint with Arvind Murugan.

Rudy is a biophysicist working on understanding community structure in time-varying environments.



Mahmoud Yousef

MD/PhD student. U Chicago Medicine.  Joint with Arjun Raman.

Mahmoud is interested in the rational design of functional microbial consortia

mahmoudyousef [at]


Kiseok Lee

Graduate student. Ecology & Evolution UC

Kiseok is a microbial ecologist working on design and control of complex microbial communities in soils.

email: kiseoklee [at]

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Kyle Crocker

Post doc. Ph.D. Physics (Ohio State)

Kyle is working on denitrifying bacterial communities

email: crocker [at]

Zeqian Li - UIUC_edited.jpg

Zeqian Li

Graduate student. Physics UIUC

Zeqian is primarily a theorist and works on hot spring microbial communities and genome evolution.

email: zeqianli [at]


Karna Gowda

Post doc. Ph.D. Applied Mathematics (Northwestern)

Karna studies how genomic structure determines metabolic function in bacterial communities.

email: kgowda [at]


Seppe Kuehn

PI. (CV here)

I want to understand how microbial communities function from an evolutionary perspective - and to use these insights to design, predict and control how communities behave.


Chandana Gopalakrishnappa

Graduate Student. Physics, UIUC.

Chandana studies phototroph-heterotroph interactions at scale using droplet microfluidics.

email: cg8 [at]


Luis Miguel de Jesus Astacio

Graduate Student. Physics, UIUC.

Luis studies self sustaining closed microbial communities using theory and experiment.

email: ld6 [at]


Gordon Center for Integrated Science

929 E. 57th St.

Chicago, IL 60637

seppe (dot) kuehn (at) gmail

twitter: @SeppeKuehnLab

Lab Alumni

Diane Schnitkey - Undergraduate, MCB -- Graduate school, UChicago Biophysics program.

Dan Grober - Undergraduate, Physics -- Graduate school, UCSD Physics.

Jason Merritt -- Graduate Student, Physics.  PhD (2018)  Insight Data Science Fellow.  Data Scientist @ CVS

Avery (Harry) Mickalide -- Graduate Student, Physics.  PhD (2019).   Now at Base5 Genomics.

David T. Fraebel -- Graduate Student, Physics. PhD. (2019) -- Now at Fluid-Screen.

Derek Ping -- Undergraduate UIUC. Physics.  Graduate student @ Purdue Physics.

Ahmed Selim -- Graduate student with John Novembre (UChicago)

Kaumudi Prabhakara -- Post doc, Max Planck Instititute for Evolutionary Biology

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