Zeqian Li

Graduate student, Physics (UIUC)

Kaumudi Prabhakara

Post doc

Ph.D. Cornell, Physics.

Karna Gowda

Post doc with Madhav Mani.  McDonnell Foundation Fellow.

Ph.D. Northwestern, Applied Mathematics

Chandana Gopalakrishnappa

Graduate student, Physics (UIUC)

Seppe Kuehn (CV)

Assistant Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolution

Center for the Physics of Evolving Systems

The University of Chicago

seppe dot kuehn AT gmail.com

Luis Miguel de Jesus Astacio

Graduate Student.  Physics (UIUC)

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Gordon Center for Integrated Science

929 E. 57th St.

Chicago, IL 60637

seppe (dot) kuehn (at) gmail

Lab Alumni

Diane Schnitkey - Undergraduate, MCB -- Graduate school, UChicago Biophysics program.

Dan Grober - Undergraduate, Physics -- Graduate school, UCSD Physics.

Jason Merritt -- Graduate Student, Physics.  PhD (2018)  Insight Data Science Fellow.  Data Scientist @ CVS

Avery (Harry) Mickalide -- Graduate Student, Physics.  PhD (2019).   Now at Base5 Genomics.

David T. Fraebel -- Graduate Student, Physics. PhD. (2019) -- Now at Fluid-Screen.

Derek Ping -- Undergraduate UIUC. Physics.  Graduate student @ Purdue Physics.