Chin Yi Tan

Graduate student. Physics UC

Chin Yi is a physicist who is quantifying metabolite dynamics in microbial communities


Kiseok Lee

Graduate student. Ecology & Evolution UC

Kiseok is a microbial ecologist working on design and control of complex microbial communities

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Kyle Crocker

Post doc. Ph.D. Physics (Ohio State)

Kyle is working on denitrifying bacterial communities

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Zeqian Li

Graduate student. Physics UIUC

Zeqian is primarily a theorist and works on hot spring microbial communities and genome evolution.


Ahmed Selim

Graduate student. Biophysics, UC.

Ahmed is jointly supervised by Arvind Murugan and studies the evolution of bacterial metabolism.


Kaumudi Prabhakara

Post doc. Ph.D. Physics (Cornell)

Kaumudi studies self-assembly in phototroph-heterotroph microbial communities and closed ecosystems.


Karna Gowda

Post doc. Ph.D. Applied Mathematics (Northwestern)

Karna studies how genomic structure determines metabolic function in bacterial communities.


Seppe Kuehn


I want to understand how microbial communities function from an evolutionary perspective - and to use these insights to design, predict and control how communities behave.


Chandana Gopalakrishnappa

Graduate Student. Physics, UIUC.

Chandana studies phototroph-heterotroph interactions at scale using droplet microfluidics.


Luis Miguel de Jesus Astacio

Graduate Student. Physics, UIUC.

Luis studies self sustaining closed microbial communities using theory and experiment.


Gordon Center for Integrated Science

929 E. 57th St.

Chicago, IL 60637

seppe (dot) kuehn (at) gmail

Lab Alumni

Diane Schnitkey - Undergraduate, MCB -- Graduate school, UChicago Biophysics program.

Dan Grober - Undergraduate, Physics -- Graduate school, UCSD Physics.

Jason Merritt -- Graduate Student, Physics.  PhD (2018)  Insight Data Science Fellow.  Data Scientist @ CVS

Avery (Harry) Mickalide -- Graduate Student, Physics.  PhD (2019).   Now at Base5 Genomics.

David T. Fraebel -- Graduate Student, Physics. PhD. (2019) -- Now at Fluid-Screen.

Derek Ping -- Undergraduate UIUC. Physics.  Graduate student @ Purdue Physics.